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How Can Small Business Video Production Help Me Succeed?

Video plays a vital role in how the online world works today. If you are ready to put your Vacaville business on the map (locally or globally), then professional video is part of that puzzle.


But Why?

It all comes down to psychology. People are both visual and verbal learners and communicators. When you combine the two, say with a promotional video for a new product, you can tell people what you are about and, just as importantly, you can show them. 

How We Can Help

Your small business has competition. This means that you must continually look for ways to showcase the best of what you do to your shared market segment. Video production is just one way that your Vacaville business can stand out. A few different types of videos that can engage and entertain your customer base includes:


  • Behind-the-scenes. People love to know how things are done. Don’t be shy about giving your customers a BTS tour. You don’t have to give away your industry secrets, but lifting the veil will instill trust and confidence in your brand and abilities.


  • Testimonials. Your customers talk. Today, more than ever, online reviews and testimonials can add the human element to your business. By talking with your happiest customers, you can quickly and easily share their experiences with your future client base. Remember, growing your business relies on trust, and testimonials provide that.


  • Special events. Award ceremonies, industry meetups, and other special events should be shared and celebrated. Professional video production and photography can help you do just that by highlighting important moments and showing your customers, employees, and vendors how you celebrate your shared success.


Is Video Production In Vacaville Expensive?

We all have a budget, and we will work with yours. Our packages start at just $1050 per month, which includes 10 15-second videos and 20 photos that you can share on your website, social media, or email marketing campaigns. We will also custom quote your special request and work with you to ensure you get content that fits your brand and budget.


You may be pleasantly surprised at just how affordable it is to work with your hometown video production team. We may even share our sashimi with you during a brainstorming session. Maybe. But probably not. 

Let's  get  rolling

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