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Professional Video production for
Local Small and Mid-sized businesses

Level Up Pack

Great for leveling up your online presence and reputation!

$1950 / Month

  • 10 Videos (15 Seconds Each)

  • 20 Photos

  • 2-3 Min. Promo Video

  • 3 Testimony Videos

You don’t have to be a major corporation to enjoy professional video production and photography. At Dragon Roll Media, we are your partner, and we're as invested in your success as we are in our love of sashimi.

Check out our small business growth packages, and let us help you get your message to the masses.

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Grow Pack

Designed for MAXIMUM growth! The sky's the limit!

$2350 / Month

  • 10 Videos (15 Seconds Each)

  • 20 Photos

  • 2-3 Min. Promo Video

  • 3 Testimony Videos

  • Monthly Ad Management

Does Not Include Ad Spend

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Starter Pack

Perfect for adding a professional look to your brand.

$1050 / Month

  • 10 Videos (15 Seconds Each)

  • 20 Photos

  • 30 Pieces of content, total!

Let's  get  rolling

Thank you! We'll get back to you ASAP.

Need More info?

How can a video production company help me?


A professional media production company can help you create content that your customers want to consume. We do this by getting to know you, your message, and your clients.


What are the different types of video?


The sky's the limit, really. You might need a quick video intro for your website, or you want to bring your clients in for a testimonial shoot. Need something longer? Ask us about custom videography services built for your business.


What’s the difference between a promo video and a testimony video?


Both can technically be considered promotional videos. However, you can think of a promo video as something that directly promotes your products or services. This might be a short introduction to you or your team or information on what makes you stand out from the competition. A testimony video is more of a sit-down conversation with one of your customers. These videos allow you to share real-life experiences and feedback with your future client base.


Where can I use my videos and photos?


Videos can go just about anywhere the internet can reach. Your social media, website, and even video streaming platforms are all ideal places to showcase the best of your brand.


It’s expensive, right?


No way! In the world of media production, you get what you pay for. Before we begin, we’ll sit down with you and talk about your ideas. After this “dreaming” session, we’ll look at your budget to see what we can make work within it so that we can best deliver your message. You may get back your investment with one customer. Either way, you’re not obligated to continue if you’re not happy, but we think you will be, and our quality speaks for itself.


Aren’t words all you need to tell a story?


There is no doubt that words are valuable in all forms of digital marketing, but photos and videos put a visual piece of information in front of a customer. It’s not easy to show the quality of something in words; people need to see it to believe it.


Can’t I just shoot a video with my phone?


Sure, you can, but how is it going to look? Is it going to be seamlessly edited to best convey your expertise? Are your hands going to be shaky? Our video production specialists do this every day, and we know how to showcase the very best of your business, no matter how big or small. Besides, our office is set up so you can be a part of the editing process. 


So what do you say? Come sit with us, and watch your vision come to life.

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